• How likely something is to happen?
  • Think about the definition of probability

We have the experience and knowledge to translate the most exciting and challenging interior ideas into reality.

Many events can’t be predicted with total certainty. The best we can say is how likely they are to happen, using the idea of probability.

In fact, the probability of an event occurring is somewhere between impossible and certain.

  • Impossible is zero
  • Certain is one.

In this case, if ZERO is impossible, the probability of an event will not be more than ONE.

This is because ONE is certain that something will happen.


Hello, I’m Tom Nichols,

With regards to the BE(YOU)FULL project I guess I’m here to try and give my two cents about what I imagine BE(YOU)FULL is. Which in my mind is about the sort of living yourself authentically and being realistic about the needs that we all have about engaging with people around us and feeling that we are listened to and believed by the people that we live with.

So, I know about this project for many years and have had some engagement with it.

I’ve worked since I finished university development and that has meant that I’ve had to be extremely poor, I’ve had to work in various second jobs to support myself and I certainly never made enough money to really make ends meet frequently.

What it has given me is the opportunity to work with a group of people that are fantastically motivated by care and love for other members of society and that is an incredible privilege. Yes, the need and abilities to talk to these people are it’s fantastic. I mean to be allowed to be let into people’s lives to ask very deep and personal questions about how they live and about why they do that, yes, it is a total privilege that nobody should ever give up.

I’m lucky enough now to work with offenders and to be able to do so, means that you need to really have an exceptionally good understanding of why people are driven to exist in the ways they do.

For me, BE(YOU)FULL living on this planet requires that you take an active interest in the way in which moves forwards, and if you exist in an organizational situation that does not in some way DRIVES human happiness forward that I fail to see the significance of your lifestyle.

I recognize that there are ***** in the world that we live in, but if those ***** don’t produce happiness I failed to recognize why they are meaningful. So, for me, you absolutely must have a social impact or social outcome as a part of the world and the job that you live in, and happily, I mean I work with ex-offenders now I work in catering or teaching catering. But that’s only you know, that’s only a tiny sort of pinnacle of what we’re trying to do. I mean it’s a terribly therapeutic process and teaching people to be empowered or helping people to be empowered is an enormous aspect of what we do.

I recognize that the BE(YOU)FULL project is engaged in investigating those terms which I think is fabulous.

So, the self for my personal experiences is obviously my own history and that is about dislocation, it’s about living multiculturally, and it’s about having moved around the world quite frequently. So, by myself am a fragmented being and I love that and I’m incredibly happy about that in terms of my own life. I see I see my urge to want to work with others, as an attempt to understand the people that I find so frequently in the world that I’m living in and often difficult way to work with, and in those terms, I’ve always sought out people that are more difficult or on the edges of society because I have a deep belief that really one doesn’t come to understand how one society is since we are socialized within it until we… until we get to the very edge of where we’re at and at that point, we start to understand where our society is.

I think… I think being black and being a black person is an enormously demanding situation to be within and we are only starting I think that to understand how complicated the situation of slavery and you know… the historical ramifications of slavery were on with and around black people. I don’t think as a people that we have got the sort of capacity of understanding how to deal with the level of suffering that we produced in societies that came before us and we certainly don’t as the country has a way of transmitting that in a… in a way that people in our society can understand about what it is to be British and what it is to accept the colognes experience that we actually metered out across the world.

So, I think another ring is easy if you look at Said and the philosophical ideas of others you will come to understand that othering is an important way of dividing people when we aren’t divided by race, we are divided by class and by money and that’s it.



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