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The Possibilities and Probabilities Experiment

(Cosmic Religion) What will be the Religion of the Future?

The Possibilities and Probabilities experiment

Thinking of > Independence or Interdependence <

Whatever question arises from here:

Be wonderful and wise

  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Do not let bad thoughts obsess you.
  • Focus believing on what you want to accomplish.
  • Spend time with simplicity and harmony and have fun.
  • Thank the people who support you and encourage you.
  • Remember, money does not buy certain things
  • Appreciate who you are right now.
  • Be part of a group.
  • Take care of the love in your life.
  • Love mother earth.
  • Never ever lose hope.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Appreciate what you have.
  • Believe in something as big as yourself.
  • Remain faithful to your friends and family.
  • Remember you are not alone in this game.
  • Be happy, you are here / You are alive.
  • Show yourself.
  • Follow your instinct.
  • Stop being a victim.
  • Do everything you know how to do well.
  • Love your job.
  • Look at everything from a new perspective.
  • Be curious about everything around you.
  • Do not isolate yourself.
  • Get together with the ones you love.
  • Create your To Do list.
  • Finish what you started.
  • Help the others.
  • Forget the news for a day.
  • Disconnect from the internet and social networks at least one day a week.
  • Dance.
  • Pamper yourself a little.
  • Face your fears.
  • Visit a museum.
  • Any decision is better than no decision.
  • Do exercise.
  • Listen to music.
  • Maintains contact with Nature.
  • Cheer up.
  • Look for balance.
  • Try to sleep well.
  • Buy flowers and make someone feel special.
  • Try to get there.
  • Program a realistic plan.
  • Do not compare yourself with others.
  • Live the moment.
  • Do not be unfair to yourself.
  • Accept that life has good times and tough times.
  • Think every night about the good things that have happened to you today.
  • Let promising ideas to come to you.
  • I believe in you.
  • Be kind.
  • Let people know how special you are.

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Remember people don’t change…

We grow old and some of us simply adapt.




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