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The stranger within

What is more important the form or the expression of the form?
When a person sees a form something in her mind processes it.

You are multiple but why?

The concept of “self” is a complex and multi-faceted one that can be understood and defined in diverse ways depending on the context.

In psychology, the self is often defined as the individual’s sense of their own identity, including their personality, beliefs, and experiences. Some theories suggest that the self is made up of multiple components or selves. For example, some psychologists propose that the self is made up of different sub-personalities or parts that can act independently or in concert with one another. Additionally, in some philosophical and spiritual traditions, the idea of a multiplicity of selves or consciousness is also discussed.

The idea of “subpersonalities” refers to the concept that an individual’s sense of self can be divided into distinct parts or sub-identities that can act independently or in concert with one another. This concept is rooted in the idea that the self is not a unified and singular entity, but rather a complex and dynamic system of interacting parts.

Some examples of subpersonalities that have been proposed in psychological literature include:

  • The “inner child,” represents the emotional, spontaneous, and creative aspects of the self
  • The “inner critic,” represents the critical, judgmental, and perfectionistic aspects of the self
  • The “parent,” represents the nurturing, protective, and responsible aspects of the self
  • The “adaptive,” represents the adaptive, conforming, and socialized aspects of self
  • The “transcendent,” represents the spiritual, higher-minded, and transcendent aspects of self.

It’s worth noting that these are just some examples and different theories of subpersonalities propose different or diverse types of subpersonalities. Additionally, these subpersonalities may interact and influence each other in complex ways, and an individual’s sense of self can change over time as these subpersonalities develop and evolve.


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The stranger within & the “BE(YOU)FULL” concept

  • The “Stranger Within” in a psychological or psychiatric context refers to the idea that each person has aspects of themselves that they may not recognize or accept. It refers to the unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that exist within each individual but may not align with their conscious self-image or understanding of themselves. In psychology, this is often associated with the concept of the “shadow,” which refers to the repressed or unconscious aspects of a person’s psyche that may contain negative or taboo elements. Understanding and integrating these “stranger within” aspects of one’s self is often considered an important part of personal growth and psychological well-being.
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