Understanding Perception

Understanding Perception. Is perception reality?

Hello my name is Sarah Lynn Rees I’m Australian and I’m currently living in London and I work in an architecture practise school of design.

I don’t… I think for me beautiful is not about aesthetics, it’s about fulfilment about challenges, about the enjoyment of life, about… well I mean, it doesn’t just happen isn’t it?

If you overfill then you’re happy and for me BE(YOU)FULL would be that. Is the journey of finding happiness and through that you have to be fulfilled or for me, I have to be fulfilled.

I think interacting with people is, is quite interesting because obviously everyone has their own individual upbringing their own background, their own way of seeing the world and that certainly does change people’s perspectives and trying to understand other people and how they operate. Is very difficult to do unless you know the specifics about their background all you can really do is sort of in a way except that people are being malicious or are coming from a negative space and how they’re reacting will be in themselves in that time is, is a product of their life experiences to this point but their behaviour towards you whether you consider… well you don’t victimise yourself.

I think westerners start to victimise themselves then you are not understanding somebody else’s perspective. Sometimes they might be malicious, sometimes when people say you might not be nice or that sort of thing, but if you can take two seconds of your time to sit back and go well, why is this happening is there something I can do about this to help somebody else? If not then this person probably shouldn’t be in my life and move forward.

I enjoy solving problems and I enjoy being in scenarios where I don’t know the answer and then the journey of finding the answer.

I think for me fulfilment definitely comes from learning something new and… and meeting new people and being in situations that I’m not used to and growing.

Why do I understand chaos to exist in my life?

I think everything is a form of chaos until you can find logic in order to understand it. And I’m the kind of person whose brain works in a logical way so I will look at every scenario I can possibly think of and find an order for it. And I think for me is defined by not being able to understand a scenario.

How do I manage pain?

I think, actually for myself before I go into any scenario I try and imagine all the possible scenarios that could happen or the most possible eventualities that could come from any given exchange and it’s almost like a precaution as a way of dealing with that, so I will imagine all the possible things that could go wrong or could go right and then emotionally prepare myself for them so that when anything happens I can deal with that.

I guess the pain comes from… or the severe pain or real pain comes from when the things are unexpected and how you then deal with those and yeah, that’s difficult.

I’m not sure… I don’t think, well it depends on the situation on how you could possibly…

OK so from my perspective growing up in Australia I have… my Heritage is convicts who came from England and Aboriginal people from Tasmania and so… I guess there’s always been this concept that I am other but at the same time I don’t look other so I’m I am not other, so other people’s perception of Me is perhaps no other, but within myself, there is always a feeling of not being or not conforming or not doing that sort of thing but in a way, I celebrate that and that’s what makes me.

I don’t want to be like everyone else, I just want to be myself and I guess moving to England and living in this country I don’t have any basis for culture references here and I might speak the same language but I don’t… it is home but, but I think my understanding at home then must be formed in being able to understand everything happens around you all the time because you’re ingrained within the social structures. But again that ties back to what I was saying before, I like being in some scenarios where I don’t know the answer and I don’t know how you are supposed to deal with something and then you put yourself in those scenarios and you learn, you grow. You know you form different understandings of what life is and who people are, their perception of you and your perception of them and this way you change. I think that everyone contently evolves and you have.

BE(YOU)FULL to me means… obviously being yourself but, how do I say this thickly… I think it’s giving yourself the freedom to be yourself and accepting who you are and moving forward that instead of trying to be other people.



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