Behaviour: the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others.

How to create a setting for good behaviour both social, family, or professional.


How to create a setting for good behaviour both social, family, or professional.

My need to give and the feeling of the need to give constantly because I feel I can give and give without losing anything.

Do you know? I’ve become quite fulfilled in myself and so the only thing to do is to just give to others and get others to be thinking human beings, particularly youngsters because what foundations you lay is what’s going to determine the adult you’re going to be and not every parent has the wisdom to pass onto kids what sort of adults they want them to become. Hence the reason why kids are running around behaving in all kinds of different ways and getting into trouble is that they don’t have those foundations at home and parents are not actually blaming schools for not putting discipline or laying down rules and regulations for kids but I think it begins at home what every parent instils into the child is what is going to give him the foundations of what adult there going to be a sort of adult is going to be if you lay down solid foundations for the child and get them to be thinking children then they will grow up to have wisdom because once you go up you’re faced with the whole big wild world out there and if you’re not equipped to deal with this huge thing has you going to face then you will come up short.

Behave is particularly important because of the way you behave, detainees, and the results you going to get in the end. If you’re well behaved because that’s what your parents or your background are, then you know that you’re going to gain positive results whatever you do. I would say that to my black brothers and sisters there as well the way you carry yourself determines how you are respected, so if you respect yourself, respect others, and become humble in your dealings then people look up to you and may follow you as an example. They may say to themselves woooh… I would like that, I’d like to be like that but if we go around in a kind of bravado way people may look at you and say: same old same old, nothing good is coming out of them, but if you hold yourself well and you present yourself well, people will embrace you and they don’t even remember what colour you are. All they see is a good human being who means well.

I may come up against challenging behaviours at work or people you know stressful situations from misbehaving and that’s true but one of the things I realise is that because of the way I behaved when the situation of misbehaviour arises way I present myself actually it tends to calm things down because people see the way I approach whatever problem there was or that the way I interact with them it tends to calm something inside even though the problem hasn’t been resolved it’s just the way I embraced them and get them to look at it from the kind of a calm place, rather than go all hysterical because that doesn’t solve problems you know? So I think once responds also has a lot to do with how an individual will go on to behave and I think I come from a very peaceful place so this is what I also conveyed to people, you know and then it reaches their spirit their soul and then they tend to call and then they realise at all, I should have done this in a call way rather than crazy way because it’s drawing strength out of me anyway if I go about it in a crazy way but if I go about in a calm way that saves the energy and I’m able to see clearly through the problem whatever the problem is.

So, by saying education are you talking about book knowledge, academic education or just the correct way of being raised as a child? Because you may go to school and attain knowledge from the alphabets to Einstein if you don’t have to wisdom to behave well then that will be completely void or will be of no use at all. So, the behaviour I’m talking about is what the child learns from home as a child and the foundations that they the parents lay in to instil into that child you know that’s what determines what the child will become because it forms the basis of your thinking for the futures as an adult because if the child is not well behaved, they’re going to go through so many negatives. I count this because that’s how they feel that’s how they behave they haven’t been taught how to behave you know? The behaviour will give you an outcome whether you like it or not, so if it’s good behaviour you’re naturally going to get a positive outcome, if it’s bad behaviour you’re going to get a negative outcome, you know? So that comes from the home, and I remember that tells me… it reminds me of a saying charity begins at home because schools will not give you the behaviour that you need to develop its tasks from the home. Schools only give you book knowledge.




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