Inside Out

1 – Where do we find reality?
Is reality to be found in an ideal realm outside, over and above the flux of life?
Is reality to be found as an end product to be arrived at through this process of change? Is the reality to be found Within life itself, including its limitations and changes?

2 – What we are given is a new view of human individuality and development, the capacity (and necessity) in each of us to create our own histories , our lives.
Each person is Unique what makes our existence very interesting. Regarding to Gerald Edelman’s ideology “His or her perceptions are to some degree creations, and his or her memories are part of an ongoing process of imagination. A mental life cannot be reduced to molecules.”

3 – Inside 0ut – is an experiment made by the author of this project in which he indulges for several weeks with intent to understand that:  if “Dream imagery can change quickly and is regularly of a bizarre nature” what is the effect or the consequences of complete isolation from the active world?

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